Why Would You Want To Do That?

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Why would you want to change your lifestyle?

Switch out the junk food for healthy meats and greens; switch the TV binge with time spent at the gym; switch sleeping in with waking up early to walk your dog... Why do you need to change?

Regardless of your appearance, everyone's health works the same - we are all of the same human species. Science is factual and you cannot argue against what has been proven. So what does this mean for you:

This means by CHOOSING a chicken salad over a cheese pizza not only changes the way you look, but changes how you feel, how your body functions, and how you behave. As living beings we NEED food and water to nurture our bodies, and we need routine exercise to use our bodies how they were made to be used.

By CHOOSING a healthier diet it will:

  • Control Weight

  • Improve Mood

  • Combat Diseases:

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Depression

  • Certain types of Cancer

  • Arthritis

  • Boost Energy

  • Improve Longevity

  • Less Stress

  • Delay Aging

  • Fewer Cravings

  • Save Money

  • Decrease or Eliminate Joint Pain

  • Lower or Eliminate Back Pain

So why wouldn't you trade for healthier nutrition?

Unfortunately, through time food has become a luxury. People make food a treat and a pleasure, when it is really only meant to provide the correct nutrients that our bodies need to properly function. If you pick that greasy pizza or stuffed donuts, you are actually harming your body. And for what? A few minutes of satisfaction, to soon be followed with regret? When you think about what you are actually doing to yourself, it is quite the wake up call to realize YOU ARE CHOOSING to harm YOUR body instead of helping your body. Ya, and how is that any different than those who choose drugs and poison for a few hours of pleasure, never mind the fact that it's only leading them faster to their graves.

Why do you choose to continue putting harmful, empty calories into your mouth? Why do you continue to keep shoving food down your esophagus when your stomach is in physical pain because it is so full? Can nutritious, fulfilling portions not satisfy enough? Such greed and shame can take over us all. But you cannot blame anyone or anything else on your poor eating choices - no one is shoving food down your throat; you do have options. The option to choose a healthier meal, the option to stop eating when your full, and the option to exercise consistently...

Our bodies adapt to their external factors. Our bodies and minds adapt to the food we eat. Yes, this means the more you eat junk food the more your body craves it, and same as the more you eat healthy food the more your body craves it.

Our bodies adapt to external forces. Our bodies and minds adapt to the workouts we do (or don't do).

So if you are living a sedentary life, your body is going to do as little work as possible and by that I mean it will get rid of anything it does not need in order to save energy. Therefore, your muscles will degrade, bones and joints become frail and unstable, your brain will start to have trouble focusing and remembering things, and your chemical imbalances will take you down a slippery slope to depression.

But there is a way out! Just like you can choose to eat a more rewarding diet, you can choose to build a stronger and more functionally fit body that will in turn make your life much easier and make you a much happier person. Your body will adapt to lifting heavy weights by growing muscle, which in turn burns more energy/calories, reducing body fat. Lifting heavy weights also strengthens your bones and joints and provides them with the nutrients they need through higher blood circulation, usually decreasing joint pain and inflammation. Your body will adapt to forms of cardio by bettering the performance of your heart, lungs, and diaphragm.

As you make goals and achieve them and as your brain becomes more active and balanced, and you will feel more confident, more energetic, more focused, and more driven.

You will become more likely to find new adventures, more likely to take on new challenges, and more likely to socialize with new people. You will become a new you.

It is liberating to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. Live longer for you and your loved ones. Live happier and more active - get out and explore this amazing world we live in while you can. This is your one life here and you don't want to spend it having difficulty making it up the stairs or waste it stuck in a chair eating Oreo's watching Netflix...

It doesn't take a miracle to make a large impact and to turn things around. It does take discipline and consistency. Small smart choices add up to a large reward over time. Yes, over time. Remember how long it took you to slowly gain all of this weight, well it takes time to lose it accompanied with endless hard work. It takes time for our bodies to adapt and change to build muscle. So be patient and trust the process. But once you make it a part of your lifestyle and your ordinary routine; once you make healthy eating and working out not a question and just a part of your life same as going to work every day, it will change your life.

You must have the mental strength to consistently make the right choices, the mental strength to say no, the mental strength to push yourself for one more rep or 5 more pounds. You have to want it badly enough to find the mental strength needed to succeed.

The time to start making the right choices and to make a change is now. No more excuses. This is an investment for YOU and your future.

Ask yourself why is it important to you to commit to change?

It could be because you want more energy to play with your kids more, you want to travel the world and explore international sites, or you just want to look and feel better for you.

Maybe you don't want to live a shortened life because your poor lifestyle led you to diabetes or a heart attack... Dig deep and find the real reason it is needed.

Success is largely perception, consistency, and believing in yourself. And I believe anyone can do it - even you.

I am here to help! Please comment or send an email if you have any questions or feedback.

Keep a lookout for more Meant2Move Fitness blog posts! Articles, motivation, and videos to help you on your journey to becoming fit.

Signed with Sweat,

Tiffani K

Tiffani K Arnold

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