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This week's topic is how metabolism works in your body (training or not training), and WHY we need the nutrients required to maintain optimal health (again training or not).

Your metabolism is kind of like a fire... We need nutrients (wood) in order to have energy to sustain our activity and everyday living, but too much energy (wood) will put out the fire (or add on extra pounds). We need the right amount to sustain a healthy burning metabolism - not too little, but not too much.

Watch this video on nutrients and metabolism. He talks pretty fast (as it is a crash course), but I will break it down more in-person with discussion.

Listen closely! Don't hesitate to pause or rewind.

It is not important for you to know every single detail about this video, nor every term.

The purpose is to explain the science behind what our body is doing with the nutrients and how they are being used.

My hope is that this will reinforce good eating habits.

Check out the PDF study guide I put together for you (attached) *again you don't have to know everything on here.

These are some easy infographics on how blood sugar is affected by good vs bad foods, and examples of what the "good" and "bad" foods are.


Metabolism Study Sheet
Download PDF • 503KB


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