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Hear from people just like YOU. People of all ages and in all stages in life --- because anyone can do it, you just have to want it badly enough.

You have to commit to making a change/ to making a difference in YOURSELF...


Remember, it does not matter where you are now --- as we all HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE.

— Morgan J. | Sales | Age 24

“Tiffani is committed, with overwhelming energy, to enable her clients to achieve their goals. She is very genuine and sincere. She puts her clients first and has a very unique way of developing a plan that is suited for each person with whom she works.Tiffani is untiring in her work and is tenacious in her commitment to achieve success, both for herself and most important for her clients.I would be honored to work with Tiffani in the future.”

— George G. | CEO | Age 65

"I do want to tell you thank you for everything you have done for me. Not only for helping me lose a bunch of weight and inches, but for encouraging me to be better, pushing me to be better, and helping me make a lifestyle change. Some days I hated it and just wanted to quit but I'm glad you were there to keep me going, showing me my potential. These past several months we have grown close and I'm going to miss you and our talks so much, but I wish you the best of luck in your new adventures, you truly deserve it all!"

--- Kelsey A. | Coordinator | Age 26

“Through years of being a client, I have seen what it takes to achieve success. Relational skills top the list. Steadfast perseverance combined with skillful competence are next. Tiffani Arnold has demonstrated all of those to me as a personal trainer. Relationally I kept going to training because I wanted to see her. She was always interested in me and gave me her full attention. She was highly skilled and knew when to push me and when to lighten up. She was careful and paid attention down to the myriad of details. 
Her pleasant personality and contagious smile light up every room. As a CEO I have learned to recognize talent. Tiffani's potential is large.  I highly recommend her to you.”  

— Susie R. | CEO | Age 55

“Tiffani Arnold is a courteous and respectful person who understands her clients and takes time to tailor the training program to their needs while also consistently pushing forward on their programs. She has knowledge of various aspects of athletic training and therefore can adjust individual training as required. Tiffani is a pleasant person to work with and does not rush during her time with you. I believe she will do great in whatever endeavor she plans for her future.” 

--- Faye R. | Retired | Age 60

“Tiffani has gone above and beyond to help my husband and I identify and work toward our goals. She is extremely professional, but also personal, as she has taken a personal interest in not just us but all of her clients. Working with her has been an extremely rewarding and positive experience for both of us.” 

--- Morgan J. | Sales | Age 24

"Hey Tiffani, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. Even though we didn't see many results when we worked together since I was not able to come workout often, you really taught me a lot. I've been able to stick with it on my own and have lost a total of 40 lbs."

--- Sophia P. | Student | Age 23

“Tiffani Arnold was outstanding as my personal trainer. It is obvious from when you first meet her that Tiffani is not only professional, prepared, and driven, she is kind-hearted and truly empathizes with her trainees, anticipates what they need, and deeply cares about the quality of her work and that it achieves the best outcome for them. These qualities will serve Tiffani very well in whatever endeavor she chooses."

— Adam H. | Finance | Age 50

“Tiffani has guided the restoration and improvement of my physical fitness in what can only be described as an exemplary manner. In our six months of training sessions, she displayed knowledge, initiative and timeliness along with patience and understanding. She is an asset wherever serving.”

--- Harvey J. | Retired Army | Age 81

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