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This week we will be diving into Stress, Sleep, and Hormones.

This is probably the most important topic when it comes to our health.

Have you ever seen the saying, “Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat”?

Well those 3 activities are the ones that have the biggest impact on your overall health and fitness.

Let's take a look at how damaging chronic stress can be, how crucial sleep and recovery is, and how our hormones play a large factor into everything.


Check out this quick video on How Stress Affects Your Health. (less than 5 min long)

And also watch the video on The Science Behind Sleep and Weight Loss. (also only 5 min long)

Read over the attached PDF on the several ways lack of sleep and chronic stress can be detrimental to your mental and physical health.

Sleep & Stress
Download PDF • 502KB



These blog posts are for YOUR benefit to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle as well as to ensure we get the results from the gym that we are working so hard for.

The videos and material covered over the previous several blog posts are GOLD!

I am telling you the science behind everything so that there is no more guessing or exhaustively searching for the right answers.

Many people still do not know most of this, and the correct information is hard to find.

I have been researching/ attending school and certifications specifically for health and fitness for over 15 years!!!!!

I have done all of the hard work for you, and am GIVING it to you on a silver platter. (or should I say a gold platter)

Most trainers would not go this length to help their clients - that's a known fact.

Take advantage!! This is all to help you improve your lifestyle.

Make it a priority to get good quality sleep every night! Take deep breaths when in stressful situations, and remind yourself - nothing in this world is worth losing sleep over (or your hair) ;)


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